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natural simplicity in the digital age

Hi, I'm Hans! Find me at or as @pikkabird on Twitter.

The urge

I find myself very often feeling an urge or a longing or an unrest to begin the thing that I've been waiting for. When the feeling emerges I want to go to the typewriter, aka computer, and turn my ideas into paragraphs with a wish to affect the world. This never happens. What happens is what I'm doing right here, turning the uneasy feeling to words to quiet my mind. Sometimes it makes for a powerful message in my eyes, but so far it has never been published anywhere. It's only for me to rediscover down the line. This method of mine has helped me get to peace, or nowhere, or postponed whatever I think is there to uncover, for over a decade now.

When I rediscover a written piece from years ago, there is often a content that still resonates with me. This might be a hint to what I should be shaping my life into. And to an extent time has gotten me in the direction I write about, but I still would like to make it clearer and sharper. Make it a message with weight and direction to inspire others.

I would like to begin to publish. For whom to read I don't know. I'd like it to be a slow, philosophical connection with my message, not lightweight and easy to dismiss. The block to overcome is to just begin publishing, not editing too much, not filtering my own thoughts too much, but to publish without perfection.

I would like an easy life in four dimension, not too keen on including the fifth dimension, pressure, too much. Pressure can of course mean the result of living a little uncomfortably, a little harder than what todays society in the western cultures are selling us. Chop that wood and carry water a little more, but try to avoid psychological unease. Yes, just do it.