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How to write the perfect blog post

Make the title a powerful suggestion for action. A complete sentence beginning with a verb. * How to shoot street photography with a film camera Or * Take your film camera to the streets

Instead of * Analog street photography

This will make it a call for action, instead of a passive feeling.

Be personal

Everyone wants to hear what you've been up to. You know what level you want to put it on, but give out a little of your own history in context to the subject.

Use lists

'Top five ...' or 'Five ways to ...' is a powerful way to get the message across. It's easy to scan and quick to read.

Write as you speak

Academic writing has it's language but try to keep the blog easy to read by using a language similar to how you speak.

Say what you believe in and believe in what you say

You won't do anyone a service if you write about something half-hearted. Pick your niche and let your heart sing. It will show in your ability to build a powerful message. And you want to empower everyone the best way you can.

Write a post as a personal letter

Sometimes it's hard to get the creative juices flowing. Try then to write a letter to a real person in your life. How would you write about your subject to your sister or father or best friend?

Write only when you are inspired

No use in forcing it. It will show in poorer writing. Don't push it.

Publish early

Even if you think you're not done, that you haven't polished your brain dump, press publish. Your next post will be better for it. You will lose the fear of being rejected if you don't try to make it perfect.