digital woodsman
natural simplicity in the digital age

Hi, I'm Hans! Find me at or as @pikkabird on Twitter.

What's going on here?

What am I looking for? Get my stuff in order.

How do I get there? Begin with a clear system for data and record keeping.

First step? Easy to use organizing. Precision tools that don't surprise and with as few moving or hidden parts as possible. Noguchi analog and digital; time-sorted documents on last used. Simple computer scripts and programs, like hand tools when wood working. Workflows that are made resilient to reduce the risk of falling apart.

Simplicity is key. Natural simplicity is better.

Why OpenBSD? No surprises. The project's developers work to reduce complexity. Minimalism in practice. Clear tools with good documentation. Users are given trust and control. Don't feel like putting in the effort? Go elsewhere.

Why plain text? No risk of losing usability after a software update. Human readable. Suitable for composable tools. Like woodworking, sharp tools that do one thing well with a well defined material.